Not creating a share link

I am online. I tried to create a share link for file, its taking a very long time and link is not created. Please guide me, i followed those easy steps.


Hi ranganvv,

You can refer the below mentioned link to share the file and directory content via link from your My Cloud Home device.


How to make a file “Read Only” and share. Suppose i do not want someone to Edit / Print the document am sharing.

Kindly help.


Any help on this topic? I have tried the Windows Doc properties to make file read only. It does not work. it still allows me to edit. is there any option that am missing here?

The file am sharing should not be in Edit mode or it should allow them to take print.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hello ranganvv,

You may use alternative file extension to make it for print only. You may convert word file into .pdf file format which is for read only file format and would also be easy to take its printout.

Hi Thanks.

I am using PDF version already.

My requirement is - if i share a link for a PDF file, it should not allow them to download the file. It should only allow them to read online. Any suggestions?

Currently by default it allows to download, once saved to local HDD, they can take a print also.