Not connecting on HTTPS after setting up on LAN


I am attempting to connect to port 443 on the local LAN after setting up the MyCloud Mirror to use the service.

Netstat -n shows two connections to the clouddrive IP over port 80, but telnet a.b.c.d 443 still fails.

Also, what is confusing is that the browser will connect to the drive using HTTPS but the netstat connections still do not reflect port 443 connections.

Netstat shows similar connections as:

TCP a.b.c.102:50345 x.y.z.117:80 CLOSE_WAIT
TCP a.b.c.102:50346 x.y.z.117:80 CLOSE_WAIT

Where a.b.c. and x.y.z. refer to approprate network addresses.

Welcome to the WD Community. Can you share more information about what you are trying to do?