Not being recognized and buzzing

I have a 500 gb passport wdbaaa5000abk-00 that is somewhere around two years old. I have never had any problems with it but today I plugged it in on my laptop which I have never used it on before and  now it won’t show up (my laptop has Windows 7). It also makes this weird buzzing noise ten times (which I have recorded here in case it means something?).When it is making the noise the light on it is steady but when it finishes it blinks.

Well, it sort of shows up on my laptop, as it shows up under Disk Drives in device manager, but it doesn’t show up anywhere else. I’ve tried uninstalling it there and restarting my computer but that didn’t work.

I’ve tried using it on two other laptops (which I had used it on previously) and it does the same thing.

I’m not really sure what kind of problem it is, so I’m weary of trying to put it in another case or buying a new cable for it. I saw that it could be a ton of different things so naturally I’m seeking insight/advice!

I forgot to mention, the last time I used it (that I remember) was during the summer and I had no problems with it then!

Well, if you already perform all the basic troubleshooting steps and still having the same issue I’ll recommend you to replace your drive.