Not backing up computers?

I got the Sentinel a few weeks ago. I am slowly transferring files from where they have been stroed around my network on the Sentinel - so that I can use it as the  File Server. I am trying to have one central location for all my files.

I had been using Windows Home Server. An HP box. As well as storing files scattered on the network…not good.

So now I want to use the Sentinel to Backup my individual computers on the network. Even though I plan on storing 99% of my files on the server, I would like to have each machine backed up-because if a hard drive on one of them crashes, it can take almost a full day to rebuild the machine-with installing software etc.

Once I get this feature set up, I plan on setting up an external backup of the Sentinel. My problem right now is that the backup service starts as scheduled, but then stops almost immediately. When I try to do it manually-it only gets about 1% done, then stops. When I ‘View Details’, it says insufficient storage available for backup.

Any ides on how to troubleshoot.

Your subject sounds like backing up the desktops, but your question sounds like backing up the server itself?

If you have a WD box bigger than 2tb you cannot back it up to an external drive using windows server backup

I guess it is two issues, but I am wrting about one…how to get the Sentinel Server to back up my local machines.

I understand the 2Tb issue, I think I learned this from you a few posts ago-that is why I got the 4Tb machine :wink:

So you are sayiong you installed the connector, it show is tne dashboard and you right click backup now and it goes to 1% and dies.

The drives in the client PC are NTFS correct?  If you look in the event log on the client PC down the list you should see windows server section.  A better error msg should be in there.

I checked teh event viewer log , and see the following -

Backup job 113 on UNKILOSERVER did not succeed.  Reason: ClientVssInsufficientSpace, System.String[]

The drive on the client PC is a SSD drive. I believe it is NTFS (it is a relatively, less than 6 months old, new Win 7, 64 bit install).

Does that help? Thanks for your help…

Well the error says not enough free space.  How much used and how much free?

Also backup job 113 would indicate it has backed up 112 times before?


says the system part may not have enough free space ?

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