Not backing up any longer


I have asked WD this question 3 seperate times with NO RESPONSE. 

I have a 1TB My Book Ess with all software and firmware updates completed.  I am showing 6,399 pictures in the pretty blue boxes of the photo backup section but have over 11,000 photos on  my computer.  Th esoftware seemed to function correctly for a while them…

Any ideas??

Thanks Charles

Try to make Sure that those other pictures are not located in the root folder of the C:

besides that remenber that the wd smartware will backup the files from the USER in which you are logged in with , so if you have another user in the same computer those pictures in there wont be backed up .

Another thing that you could try is to Uninstall and reinstall the wd smartware soft

Hope it Helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks, only one user.  I tried to turn off the software and must not have turned it back on correctly although it seems to work some of the time.

I will try to restet WD and re -backup.


Anytime :slight_smile: