Not allowing me to copy files, error not enough disk space

I am trying to copy my outlook pst files which are above 2 GB and up to 6 GB, when i tried to copy it says not enough space :frowning: but i have about 400 GB space!!! how can i fix this :frowning:

Thanks in advance for all the responses, i really need to figure this out as one of the reason i purchased this is to back up my files :frowning:

have you tried

  1. rebooting

  2. disconnecting and reconnecting the drive (using the eject command of course) to see if it is just some random glitch?

  3. i wonder if it has something to do with the scan/search index that win7 does (that randomly will lock files for me, but if i come back 5 minutes later and try to move or delete them, they react perfectly…