Not all files shown on retrieve tab

Not all of my files are shown on the retrieve tab when I’m looking to retrieve specific files, but I can find them when I search the drive. What is wrong here? I using WD Smartware Version, which came with the drive because one of the updates would not back up my flashdrive. I’m using a My Passport Essential with Firmware Revision 2.0.18 on a Windows 7 computer at work and a Windows XP computer at home and having the same problem on both computers. Thanks for any help or advice you can provide.



Make sure that you are looking for the files on the correct directory.

Many of the folders are missing as well.

Well on that case, you might need to try updating the software to a recent version.

Will the recent version back up flash drives? I had updated to a more recent version once and went back to the one that came with my passport drive because it wouldn’t back up my flash drive.