Not all Files are backing up after moving WD Book Essential Drive to New Computer

The Old computer that had the Smart Ware was installed on had a Hard Drive on its way out. So I backed up the files and moved it to a New Computer. I plugged it in to set it up for back-ups and It appeared to be working ok and it did not require me to reinstall the software. We later noticed not all the files are being backed up in fact many were missing.  My guess could be a difference in directory? but I could not find any way to update what files to back up from the C drive. No info on this in the user manual either.  Short of reinstalling the software on the new computer,  will we have purchase another license to do so even if its no longer on the old computer???


 My guess could be a difference in directory? Yes, you will need to create a new backup plan since the directories might not be the same.

You dont need to buy another licence to backup the new computer, just create  new backup plan and make sure to install the software again for a fresh start.

Thanks I will try the reinstall. My experience in the past with other WD drives would not allow me to install it on another computer without puchasing another license. Glad to hear that has changed!!!