Not accepting credit card

I have tried several times to buy a desktop external hard drive (around £190) but the WD site keeps refusing my credit card. The credit card company say it is not them (Mastercard) who are doing this it must be the site. Anyone else having this problem or know how to fix this?

I have never used the actual WD shop before. Usually when a shop is having technical issues I try somewhere else.

I have faced such problems for so much time that you cannot even imagine. ■■■■, I was running a business for several years and still experiencing problems with credit cards and operations with those cards. The one big problem for me was the connection with European credit cards and banks. It’s not like our, American ones are not compatible, but this compatibility is kind of ridiculous for me. I have found the best solution in this situation indeed. Here you can buy a compatible credit card with a certain sum of money on it. That has made my life way easier.

I wish someone else could send me his opinion