Not able to write files to shared folders?

Hi All,

I wonder if any of you can help me, I am trying to put some video files into the following folder on my drive-

Public/Shared Videos

But it just won’t copy or even let me create a folder, I am connected as admin and think my permissions are correct??

Thanks in advance

Anybody have any ideas??? I would really appreciate some assistance?

Are you able to write any data to the folder, to the drive, or to any of the other shared folders?  Can any other computers on your network do so?  Also do you get an error message?

Hi Brandon,

Thanks for your response and I will be sure to give kudos if you can resolve this for me.

I can’t put any files in any of the default shares -

Public/Shared Music

Public/Shared Pictures

Public/Shared Video

I am using all the other folders fine ??

If I do a ‘get info’ on the folder I can see that the ‘Sharing & Permissions’ section has ‘everyone’ and the Privilege is set to ‘Read only’ which seems the issue!!!

Any idea how to change these via the terminal, I’m not sure if I have issues with my user accounts?

If I go to ‘System Preferences’ under My Account I have a user with my name and it says ‘Admin’ underneath?

Thanks Again

Kind Regards


The issue here is likely a permissions problem, are you able to write data to the Public Share directly?  You would need to edit permissions here: http://%YOURDRIVENAME%/admin/access_control_shareaccess_manage.php?lang=en (editing in your drive’s name, mybookworld by default).  Make sure you have full access to the Public share, also make sure there are no group permissions set for testing purposes.

Hi Brandon,

I can’t seem to browse to the URL using my drive’s name???

The ‘Public’ Smart Folder when I check the ‘get info’ there is no permission detail…

But I do seem to be able to transfer any files or create folder within the Public root.

I can also confirm that there are no groups setup, only me using the mac (the only user and admin according to the account details?)



Please be sure that you are running the latest firmware on the drive.  We did have an issue on an older firmware that may be causing this problem.  Instructions to update are here:

Hi BD,

I don’t think it’s that -

Firmware Information
Description NAS Firmware
Version 01.02.04 with MioNet
Last Upgrade Sat, 21 Aug 2010 10:44:00
Firmware Upgrade
New Firmware
>> Your device is up to date.

I have exactly the same problem, which only manifested after upgrading to firmware 01.02.04 :frowning: