Not able to use it ofline: scam!

I’m very disappointed with this product, after setting everything up from my mac I found out i can’t use it from my ipad and iphone since the hard drive is not connected to the web. This problem should be printed out in big red letter, with a worning sign next to it on the box! Its now useless to me and i can’t take it back to the shop since more than 10 days have passed. I’m going to write very bad reviews of the product on the major italian product reviews web sites! It’s a bloody scam!!!

Probably wd2go works if mbl is online only. However dlna works offline too. I bought the harddisk some days ago, and i did not have time to use it extensively: maybe there are ways to access folders in browser or by installing some app on ipad or iphone. Did you try to look inside the appstore? Something such as iNetFilesHd? Ciao!

…or file explorer free

Hmm not to sure I or you have got this right! there are 3 iPhone/Ipad apps, wd2go and WD Photos there is also a paid app wd2go Pro.

All apps allow me to connect and see my NAS  but in a limited way, photos etc.

I can also be somewhere else and connect using my laptop by going to and connecting that way so how are you trying to do it?

I’ve tried using both wd2go and wdphotos but both apps tell me they need an internet connection to work. In italy the digital divide is still big and where i leave i cannot have an adsl line but only umts connection, via dongle, with a very limited bandwidth allowance per month. So, i can’t afford to have the router connected to the web and I struggle to understand why my devices can’t just operate over the wireless. I’ll try the other apps people are suggesting. Thanks for helping.

Answer: do a firmware upgrade, the unit will brick and then ask WD to refund your purchase

paperino432 wrote:
 It’s a bloody scam!!!

There are PLENTY of Apple and Android apps that can use the MBL via WiFi.   I use FileBrowser extensively.   It works fine.

Maybe if you were more specific with what exactly you’re trying to do with your mobile devices, others can post suggestions.

wduseless wrote:

Answer: do a firmware upgrade, the unit will brick and then ask WD to refund your purchase

Don’t listen to this guy… Read his post history and you’ll quickly see he’s trolling.

I sympathise with your communications plight but yes iphone/ipad does require connectivity in the form of the internet to work, this can be in the form of a wireless connection from home or say a wifi hot spot! in my country as well as many others you can also connect using the cellular network.

Honestly the fact that your region doesn’t supply these facilities or you can’t afford them cannot be blamed on WD, nor could WD be expected to have different packaging, surley the place you purchased from would have explained your regions limitations.