Not able to set HDD Password on WD10S12X-55JTET0

I recently purchased the above WD drive from online store.  I am upgrading from an Hitachi 500GB drive.  This is in a Lenovo Thinkpad W530.  I was able and have business need to set a HDD password along with a power-on password.  With the old Hitachi drive I successfully had an HDD password.  However, when I swap out and have the WD drive in, the BIOS setting does not show for setting the HDD password.  I do have the latest BIOS available for the W530 installed.

To me this sounds like the WD10S12X-55JTET0 does not support setting an HDD password.  Can anyone confirm this?

I have replaced the old drive in my laptop with a WD10S12X-55JTET0.  I need to encrypt the drive using Symantec Encryption Desktop (formerly PGP).  Before I enable it and start encrypting my entire HDD, does anyone know of any issues in doing so?  (FYI - I had no issues on my old drive, but I just want to make sure on this SSHD.)

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Have you been able to confirm the support specifications and requirements from Symantec? Is your encryption utility able to work with SSHD’s?

I have checked and been told that Symantec doesn’t have problems with SSHD.  I just wanted to make sure from others since I have read about issues with SSHDs and encryption.