Not able to play VOB files continuously

I just got a Live Plus unit last night and was testing it. I was wired to my network and playing my movies from a Windows Home Server. I use DVD Fab to rip my DVD’s and it creates the VIDEO_TS folder.

I was under the impression that DVD menus should work, no such luck.

When I initially started playing the movies I found out it was set to loop the files out of the box. Once I changed that it would start playing the movie fine, but when it finished one VOB file and was starting on the next one, there was a lag of about 5 to 10 seconds and only seeing a black screen. The appropriate scene would start next.

Is anyone/everyone else seeing this behavior. The device says it is up to date when I try to run the updater on it. I am going to experiment more this weekend see what I can find. I won’t be able to deal with a black screen 4 times during a movie and hope it can be resolved.

In order to play VOB files with Menus, they MUST be left in the VIDEO_TS folder.    Navigate into the folder and press ENTER on the FIRST vob file.

Even with the vobs in the correct folder there will still be unacceptable pauses (latest firmware updated yesterday)

Me too!

And my larger .mkv files won’t play either without stuttering.

What can we do to fix it?

For some reason, my files that are live action (like boxing, or MMA) play fine, even when they are 4 gigs and are .MKV files.

But movies that have been ripped and turned into .MKV files don’t like it when they are more than 2 gigs.

This was not the case before the update.


Have a similar issue here.  Even if I have files in VIDEO_TS or even ISO one DVD I’ve backed up using DVD Decrypter WD Live doesn’t play.  If I play the files on a computer using VLC and/or MCE the files play with no issue.  Please help

You all are resurecting a very old thread that has NOTHING to do with what you’re describing.

The Live, Live+. and Live HUB play DVD isos with no problems, as long as the DVDs are compliant.

The latest version of software for the Live and Live+ has problems playing VIDEO_TS DVDs.

DVD Decrypter is SO OLD that it has NO support for the enhanced copy protection “Tricks” the studios use now.  That’s probably your problem.

Go download the free trial of DVDFab and try that.

Tony is right! Please do not use DVD Decrypter. It used to be a great program but it has not been updated in years and it will not work reliably with most newer movies. DVDFab is very good and is updated regularly and often.

Due to the fact that this is a really old thread, I’m closing it out.  If you want to continue discussing the “similar” issue, please start a new topic.