Not able to play an album using Deezer


I bought a WD TV live today as i read Deezer was available.  I have a Deezer premium account.

However i have found the Deezer option is very limited:

  • i cannot find a way to play a whole album (i can just search for individual tracks and i do not want to manually create a play list for each album)

  • search is very poor - for example i tried to look for albums by the band James but i was unable to achieve this

Is the Deezer interface still being developed?

Am i missing something?


I made some further tests and post the following for anybody looking to use this device for Deezer.  Unfortunately the current functionality is very restricted - if i had known this before-hand I would not have bought the device.  

Device patch level  1.04.17_v


  • sign on using Deezer account
  • access to Playlists
  • access to Radios
  • access to Charts
  • basic search

NOT working

  • albums in your Deezer favourites are not shown
  • any folders in your favourites are not shown
  • most crucially, the ability to identify and play an album is missing
    example:  You can search for the band Arcade Fire.  When you choose the band you are shown a list of songs by the band - sorted in Deezer popularity.  Unlike the normal Deezer application, you cannot select the artist or album - you can only play the tracks in popularity order.
  • search by album is not working.   The results are the same as using the “All” option.
    example:  Search for the album Funeral.  You are shown a list of tracks with Funeral in the title - again sorted by Deezer  popularity - regardless of the album title.  e.g. the second track identified is Electric Funeral by Black Sabbath from the album Paranoid…

Hoping these issues are fixed in the next patch…


And what makes you think this a WDTV problem. The Deezer API is very limitted. See here-

Interesting…   I had imagined that WD would have access to the full API.

When researching the device i did not find any mention that the Deezer functionality was so restricted.

Others can learn from my mistake.