Not able to play all episodes on a DVD ISO file


i have created a iso file from an DVD with 4 episodes on it.

Now when i play the ISO file on the WD player it plays only the first episode and i can not play the other ones.

When i mount the ISO file with Daemon tools on my computer, i can play all 4 episodes.

Can anyone help me on this, please.

I have found this too. There is some kind of bug with selecting titles. I don’t need full DVD menu utilization, but title and chapter support is a  glaring and surprising omission.

A simple solution is needed. When you call up the info bar there should be next to the (not functioning) chapter section, a title section. The chapters don’t need to be on the info bar, it isn’t functional there anyway,  and should be on the skip forward and skip back buttons on the remote.  The titles, of which there are always many fewer, should be on the info bar.

Menus are bothersome but an elegant way to deal with chapters would be to use the skip and back on the remote, and a “Title” selection on the info bar instead of Chapter.

Bug? Try most requested missing feature! The Live does not support menus, the only way to get to the later episodes of a disc is to fast foward to it or do the 10 min skip as explained in the manual.


i think the right solution is that WD implement the full DVD menu support in a new firmware version.

So please, vote for this in the WD ideas section.

Follow the link and Sign in, than vote for the “Full Menu support of BluRay or DVD disc”.

Hopefully WD will soon implement this feature in the next Firmware update :smiley:

328 votes for the DVD menue, please vot now: