Not able to open anything in share folder

Hi folks,  i just reinstall my wdtv and made the firmware upgrade.

I able to see My NAS over my network and im able to browse into…  When i try to select movie, music, or photo, they just loading loading … and nothing appears…

Also the other thing i would like to know how can i add apps on the wdtv ?


Try a factory reset in case the new firmware is not fully installed. This device does not feature additional installable applications.


I had a similar problem, and just figured it out.  My WDTV live worked perfectly for about 6 months, then all of a sudden I could not access my shares.  I am running Windows 7.  I found the problem to be that my computer browser service was set to manual.  This service maintains the list of devices in the network.  After setting this service to automatic and then rebooting my computer, everything is good again.

1)   Hit the windows key on your keyboard, then type “services” in the run box.

2)  Click on “services” from the list.

3)  Check to see if "computer browser has been started, and what mode it is in.   If it is in manual, change it to automatic, and reboot your computer.