Not able to create NTFS when formatting the disk

My passport is new (in fact I bought 2) The one I decided to format to be sure no executable sofware was remaining on the disk is not usable anymore. (the other one is working fine)
I followed the formating instruction using classical tool from Windows7. Deleting volume is working fine, but when I request to create new simple volume using NTFS, the only feedback I have, after quite a long time (more than 5’) is a message that process was not ending properly, and only RAW volume is available.
Comming back to desktop I have a message that I need to format disk before use. I agree to format in the dialog window, requesting NTFS default volume, and the result is same.

remark : my laptop has USB2 port.

Thanks in advance for any support Icould get


Please try if possible formatting on a different computer. If not possible then you can try running zeroes to the drive using WD DLG. also make sure this is the only drive plugged in to the computer when you try to format it.

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