Not able to copy folders from usb drive (mypassport) connected to EX4

Dear all,

I try to copy from my passport drive which is directly connected to my EX4. I want to copy via the WD My Cloud app as I read this is the fastest way. I am not able to move complete folders (also not trying to move Shares!), but I can move files only. This is not what I expected.

I understand that in the share for my passport a little USB symbol must appear though I have only seen this once but it was gone the moring after.

What should I do to be able to directly move folders from USB drive to EX4??? I asked WD support but sofar only more questions and no suggestions.

For info: I am able to move complete folders by using Finder! But it takes about 6 GB a day (DLink, Devolo wifi) and I have this way over 10 days to go…

With regard.

If you are able to move folders using Finder (Direct access) then I’m inclined to believe the application is not behaving properly. However, your transfer speeds are not normal. What is the exact model of your router?


Dlink is of type DIR635 and Devolo type Dlan 500. Devolo dashboard shows about 380MBits/s.

The error I get is the following:

Error Message

Failed to move directory

I am sure you are right that the MyCloud app is ok, but please explain me why I get this message?

2 things I want to add when using the My Cloud app…

  1. Why trying to move a folder from share MYPASSPORT to share PUBLIC I get a little document with the text ZIP inside it.

The error message comes when I let go of the mouse button.

  1. One evening (or better one early early morning) I was able to move a little folder from share MYPASSPORT to share PUBLIC, after many times rebooting EX4/PC and taking USB in and out. The next morning when starting the PC again I had the same problem again. Though what I noticed was that I had a USB sign inside my MYPASSPORT share when I was able to move the folder.

Question: should there be a USB sign inside the MYPASSPORT share???

I got help from WD support finnally and it seems you cannot use drag&drop to move folders…You have to use copy and paste!!

I never got answer on my question if you need a USB symbol in the share folder, but I do not have it and copy/paste works fine. So my thanks to the WD support guys for his help!!