Not able to backup

I started this thread before, and got lost with regular work at my job. Now I’m back to it…and unable to post to my old thread, so I’m sort of starting over.

I got this new server, and want to be able to backup all the ‘local’ machines. I am just starting with one machine to make sure it will work properly, and that it is doign what I want it to.

When I try to run backup - I get the following error message - “This computer has not had a successful backup” When I log onto the Server with Remote Desktop, and look at the Event viewer, I see the following error - “The Windows Server Client Computer Backup Service received an abort process message from Antec. Reason: 6.” (Antec is the name of my local machine).

On the previous thread, I was directed to the following link for an answer -

This suggests that because my System REserve is set to 100MB, and I only have 31.8 MB free, my machine cannot be backed up.

It seems crazy. That thread points to a way to address this issue, but it kind of goes over my head. Any suggestions?

Your old thread is here

Look in the event log on the client computer for the exact error.

What OS is this machine?  Was it an upgrade or fresh install?  Try another machine also

Thanks, yeah I could find the thread, I just was unable to post to it. It seemed like it got ‘closed’ due to inactivity?

Anyway, here is what I have -

My local Machine has Windows 7 64 bit, ultimate, with all the latest updates installed…

The server is WD Sentinel DX 4000. I think it has been updated as well.

I have been running this local machine for quite some time, no problems.

I got the DX4000 with the intent of storing all my files on there for my small office. So they would be accessible from any machine on the network.

I got the DX4000 a few months ago-and have never gotten the backup to work. I looked in the event viewer, and based on replies on this forum-it looked like my local machine “will require around 40 MB of free space on this partition to backup successfully. So if the free space is less than 40 GB, please follow the solution posted by me for this problem on the following thread”

I followed this thread, and got some partitioning software, and now the drive has plenty of room 61.7MB of free space. I am trying again, and did not seem to work…but now I think I am in business. After adjusting the partitions to provide enough room, I needed to adjust the backup settings, as the Backup was looking for the old partitions.

As it now seems to be working…I’ll let it run for a couple days.


You use MB and GB and confuse me :slight_smile:

But you are saying the thread linked was correct, you had a small sytem reserverd part ~100mb with less than 40mb free.  Fixing that it is backing up?

Yes you would have to redo the backup if you changed the drive.  That is expected.