Not able to back up new files on c drive to my passport ultra automatically or through back up now?

My brand new ‘my passport ultra’ was awesome when I first backed up my computer… but after the initial back up (on category backup) the smartwave software does not automatically update even though the settings are set for it to back up evey day at 10. I’ve tried back up now but the top left just always says ‘backup accomplished successfully’

Then I noticed that the software never seems to scan the c drive for new files, it just sits with the same number of GB even if I added 5GB more data onto it? does anyone know how to get the smartwave software to recognise changes in the computer?

Hope someone knows as this is my first experience with this brand and I’m struggling!

Check if you have the latest Smartware version installed (2.4.2). If you do, try uninstalling Smartware and do a clean installation of the latest version.