Not able to access WD My book


I am not able to access my WD Mybook essential. I am on WIndows 10 used to work.  But in the last 2-3 days 

  • When I connect I see MYbook in the USB icon 

  • Says not initialized  in disk management 

  • Ub=nable to see the drive in MyPC 

Did the following 

  • Changed the USB cable 

  • Downloaded driver from WD support- It says Attach… produc… so it is not recognising

  • I can still see e: MYbook in USB icon and need to safely eject

thanks for the help  

Welcome to the WD Community.

Are you able to test the drive on a different system?

Please note that not getting enough power could be an issue. Make sure that the power cable is directly connected to the wall outlet.

I have the same problem… and no solution…


Its the same problem too… and WD says that it possible to give a solution… but how?

Please… we need a solution