Not able to access WD Book Live from Windows 8 WD App

Although I updated the firmware, mybook live cannot be access from my windows 8 app. 

It still shows update required. 

I am not sure what to do about this

and secondly, everytime I have to map the drives…after few days i cannot access the mybook live…not sure what is happening…Is it because windows 8?

verytime I don’t access for some time, it’s a struggle to access the drive mapped

Can anyone help me resolve this issue?


Try using a Static IP for the My Book Live and also you may try WD Link in order to map it.

Hi, I’m also having this problem and my MBL has always had a statically assigned address.

Try this. Go into the credential manager in the control panel if there still is a credential manager (not sure ) and add a credential. Fill in the name you gave the WD Book live and the login user name and password.  This worked for me and I am using Windows 7. Might work for you.

How did that work for you?? From what I know there isn’t a windows 7 app for the drive.