Not able to access the my files using the cloud service

I have WD MY cloud 4 TB ,everything is working fine ,but if I am not able to access my files using the cloud service ,in my network i can access all the files ,but when i am not in my connecting to my network accessing the cloud from my laptop,mobile ,I Pad i can only see the folders ,files but with no access to them .

thanks .

Hi there,

What message does the status on cloud access say? Try to disable cloud access and then re enable hopefully this helps.


thanks for your help ,the status was connected ,i disable the cloud service and enable it again ,change the e-mail ,change the router ,but always get the same result ,i can browser the folders ,see that there are files ,but not able to open any of them ,and any other action like uploading files will fail ,even that i have a good internet connection 120/6 MB/s.