Not able to access my Tversity Media player or network shares

Recently i replaced my old WD live plus to the new sreaming player with wireless built in. at the begining everything was working fine. My Tversity Media Player shares and my network shares both worked fine for a while but yesterday I updated to new firmware and suddenly now it does not see any network shares or Tversity Media Server shares. Please help. Thanks in advance.

Try searching via media server instead of network shares

try to rollback the firmware

I do not want to roll back the firmware. That is only going to be absolutely the last resort. I just bought the gadget and dont want to fool with such drastic measures.

I have been able to manage the network shares and windows media server shares etc. now.  However, Tversity is still giving problems. Tried to remove and reinstall TVersity still no success. Wonder anyone succeeded at all using Tversity media player.