Norton internet security 18.5

Hi guys,

discovery tool can t find my Book World unless I stop Nrton Internet Security

do u know by any chance which option I need to chance on Norton to make it visible, what’s blocking it?

thanks in advance

Ps: I M running on XP

Hi there, what if you just map the drive manually instead of making multiple configurations?

Click on start–» Run–» type  \ipaddressofthemybookworld

I have the same problem. I upgraded from KIS2010 to KIS2011 but that clagged the computer out, so now I’m evaluating Norton IS 2011 but Discovery can’t find the My Book World 1TB network hard disk. I’m not sure what Start->Run-> type \ipaddressofnetworkdrive is supposed to do. I thought \MyBookWorld was supposed to be the Device name. I tried poking around in the network settings of Norton IS, but I wasn’t sure what protocol the drives used. I couldn’t find the application control under Norton. It seems to work a little differently to Kaspersky. I’m also running XP SP3. Any help would be greatly appreciated … Thanks.