Norton Ghost

I’m trying Norton Ghost as  “Image” backup software.  I have used ShadowProtect in the past but I cannot get it to see the driver for the WD PCI Express card.  Ghost sees it, but it wants a 32-bit driver rather than the 64 (win 7) one I have.  I cannot seem to find the 32 bit driver on the WD site.  WD offers the SES driver, but I’m not sure that’s what I need.  Starting the SES download wants to reinstall the PCI card rather than just giving me a driver that I can store in a folder and point Ghost towards.  Any ideas?

Thank you.


How do you know is a drivers issue? Have you try your drive with another computer? or how about another software?

That’s a software issue.  You OS is providing all the drivers necessary to view the external drives.  Are you sure the software (Ghost) you’re using isn’t a 32 bit software?