Normal time to boot up a Pr 4100

Hello , is my first post to community about my new NAS pr 4100 .Is my First wd my cloud and I dont know if is normal to wait at least two hours every time to read my drives . so to stop blink the power button and I could open the interface of NAS

2 hours is definitely not normal.

Should not take more than 5 minutes.

Thank you for reply , so I must return the product to the shop and give me another . Thanks again

Did you purchase a 0 TB SKU and add your own HDD or are you using the pre-populated SKU?
If your own, what make, model and RAID config are the drives?

Well I bought a new diskless Pr 4100 and I used my own Hdd from my previous NAS machine after format with WD my cloud pr 4100 nas machine . Health of drives is good but still the NAS is slow . So I sent this back and know I wait to call me from the store