Normal operation

ok maby the 3rd post will stick… On my worldbook the front lights are constantly scrolling every 5-10 seconds. I thought this thing was suppost to go to sleep at some poing when not in use. Its still doing it in the mornings when teh erst of teh computers are still in sleep mode

how much free space do you have on your device?

this LED behaviour might be triggered when space is low (by WD standarts… that means even if you have 50GB free… it will flash like crazy until you have press some stupid button in webinterface)

Drive is still over 90% free. Went in and disabled teh media servers. I think between teh media server and ituns server it kept teh unit running. 

well doing the above made no diffrence something still seems to be accessing the drive or something running on teh drive is keeping it active even when all the other computers are down

Do you have the latest firmware on the drive? I think there was a problem with old firmwares where the drives were constantly talking due to the media server. 

The engineers at WD may have address this issue in future firmware releases. 

ya latest firmware is installed. going to try the reset button tonight 

Figured out what was causing the issue. Had to shut down mioNet in order for it to finally go into power saving. Found it in a post about 10 pages back. Sorta defeats the pourpose of the drive. Ended up taking it back and getting a seagate.