Nordvpn installed, but If I restart the WD I need to reinstall it!

Hi! I’ve the Nordvpn installed on my EX2 (by SSH), but If I restart the WD I need to reinstall the Nord VPN!

Is there a way to avoid this problem? Thank you!

Hi centimerix,

Sorry to inform you that Nordvpn is not supported by WD My Cloud EX2.

Do you have any apps installed, e.g. phpMyAdmin, entware or transmission?
If yes, look up the init script

find /shares/Volume_1/Nas_Prog -maxdepth 2 -name

Put all the required steps to set up NordVPN in a script.
Then modify one of the init script you found earlier to run this script.

If you share the modifications you used to setup NordVPN, I may provide more details.

EDIT: I quickly looked it up. Based on this tutorial

  1. Download the ovpn file of your choice.

  2. Copy it to the directory containing the init script

  3. Add a credentials file to the same directory with these 2 lines


  4. Edit your ovpn file and link to this file

auth-user-pass /shares/Volume_1/Nas_Prog/transmission/credentials
  1. Add these lines to the transmission script. Note the trailing ampersand.
APPDIR="$(dirname $0)"
openvpn.bin ${APPDIR}/ &

Thank you!

I’ve installed Transmission. I usually do this to install NordVPN:

  1. With FIlezilla upload the config server file of NordVPN on “root”
  2. With PUTTY I type: 1) openvpn.bin [config server file]
  3. When asked I type my ID and PSW for NordVpn access
  4. The modification run correctly with no errors. If I check the Torrent ID address is the server NordVPN (ok).

Please note that I’m not an expert… so I found the directory you wrote above… and then? :))

Thanks again!

I’ve updated my previous post. I don’t have actual credentials, but I think this should do…

Thank for your help.

I found one only (in the Transmission directory)…

It doesn’t work :((


And you can access to your NAS remotely after that ? because nord vpn did not support port redirection,

Thank you