Noooooo my head! Edited:




I have edited the thread (Mods can delete) Trying to cure other tech problems before I blame the My book all over the nets :)

Largely depends where you purchased this item from?  If you are in the UK and you bought it from the purple shirts then I would say forget a refund, similarly if you bought it from the constellation store.  However, if purchased from somewhere like JL then you should have no difficulties obtaining a refund.

Hi mate, thanks for the reply. Yes it was the purple shirts :slight_smile: . I have had sleep so have chilled out a little, it was probably unfair of me to blame the WD My book without further investigating other problems with my setup. I think there could well be a fault with my Sky Netgear router after doing some digging early this morning. There seems to be an intermittent fault with it.

So what I am trying to say is that it would have been unfair for me to leave the thread (And the blame) with my My book when it is quite possibly nothing to do with it.

I would be more than happy for mods to delete this thread until I sort out other tech issues

Many thanks

I too am using the grey Sky Netgear router and have to say I don’t have a great deal of confidence in it.

Yes. I agree. That particular router that Sky insists everyone uses is horrible.