Noob Theme questions

I’ve had the Live Hub for about a month now as I rip my DVD’s (don’t have any Blu-ray ATM). Everything is ending up as ISO files, each movie in its own folder, on a network shared drive and accessed/played by the hub from there. If a movie includes 2 (or more) DVD’s they all go into the main movie’s folder.

I’ve been using the hub menus and everything completely as-is for now (after upgrading to FW 2.06.10), in Gallery mode and using the hub’s function to retrieve movie information. I’m intrigued by the various theme options I’ve seen on the forum but had a question that my rudimentary searches have not answered: Just what is “trickle” mode/function/theme/whatever and how does it differ from other themes/options?

I have numerous other questions but that will do it for now! BTW - I’m a noob to any media player things not associated with past experience of sticking a DVD into the player and hitting “play”…


“Not Richard”

The following Threads will be able to provide you with visual information related to what the “Trickle Effect” is and how it looks like:

More or less, it works like a gallery with movie posters.



“Trickle” is just an effect of making the thumbnails look as though they stacked from large to small.  This gives the effect of have thumbnails that look as though some are closer and others are further away, instead of having the thumbnails on a flat plain.

Also, this has nothing to do with the Gallery view, but can be done in any view that multiple thumbnails can be displayed.  In Mojo, I have 3 views (Gallery, Preview & Superlarge) which use a “Trickle” style effect to display the thumbnails.

Thank you both. I’ll check into the various themes and play around with them.

“Not Richard”