Noob question - content restriction

Hello, New member just signed up today and greetings to you all. I installed my new TV Live streaming yesterday. Aside from a few issues with the compiling media libray, it seems to be working Ok. It has locked up a few times but for now I will put that down to setup issues. My main concern is content restriction. I have four kids aged from 4 - 16 and would like to enforce some kind of content restriction on Videos. I have all the over 18 content in a separate folder on my NAS drive. However when adding this as a share in the Media Library Manager, this simply drops all the over 18 content into the Videos folder. I am not too concerned about that as such, but I would like to add some form of password protection in the WD so that this content is not viewable without a password. This is something that is built into all high end media servers like Kalidescape. Does anyone know if this is possible on the WD TV Live? Many thanks Slip

Page 193 of the manual

Parental Control