Noob - Bluray playback suport

I am new to this device and wanted to check on the Bluray playback support at this time. I searched the forum and found alot of issues in the past, but I am not sure if they have since been resolved with new firmware.

 - I understand that menus are not supported (not a problem)

 - If the bluray is ripped as a Full-Disc ISO, will the unit select the right track and play correctly?

 - are there issues with certain movies that have advanced pop-up content (Ironman2 for example)

 - I saw a thread that NFS is better/faster than Samba, is this still the case?

 - Is there a good go-to guide for setting up the unit with all the coverart and such?

Currently I use a Dune player for most of my movie playback, ripping my discs with DVDfab as full disc. But I would like to start using this device instead since it supports Hulu, Vudu, etc.


Just bumping it back up to see if anyone might have some feedback for me… thanks!

Even without a menu the WDTV will play the largest m2ts, so if your BD is split into several you’re better off using mkv.

I don’t believe it will play the bluray.iso format.  At least I tried it once and it showed unsupported.  I had to convert it to mkv.  You can use DVDFab to rip direct to MKV.   I hear NFS is faster to some extent.  Though I could never get it to work with my Synology NAS and I have tried many times.  SMB works just fine though without any limitations that I can see.