NOOB! (Best) CORRECT way to sync DRIVE A to (with) a EX2 Ultra (MAC)

IMPORTANT - If I say anything that doesn’t make, please correct me.

I bought a big EX2 Ultra, so I could put a load of music/videos/work on there and access it, via the internet, when I’m traveling away.
So the drive stays at home, connected via ethernet to my home router, then I would log on to mycloud from wherever I am, access the EX2 Ultra, and get what I need. (make sense so far?)

My question is this - I have many terabytes, and I would like to know the best way to get the stuff on to the EX2 Ultra, and then keep it sync’d.

Normally I use SuperDuper to sync 2 drives together but I’m not sure I can use that because I think it would erase the WD software on the EX2 that makes it work.

This is where I get stuck/hesitant…
Many thanks in advance for any help!

Mac Os X El Capitan, EX@ Ultra 12tb

Hi Indigo_Sunhouse,

Do you want to sync two drives with each other or want to sync your computer with My Cloud EX2 Ultra?

Hello Brandon,
It’s wanting to sync the EX2 with another drive.
Drive A is the master drive, Drive B is a clone/copy/back up of Drive A (using SuperDuper).
I would like to have my EX2 also contain a copy/clone/sync/back up (sync is probably the right word) of Drive A.

In terms of the amount of data, it’s 6tb+. There’s a lot of historical stuff to begin with and then small incremental updates throughout the year. As it’s a lot, I hoped that to begin with I did not have to transfer the existing historical stuff over the internet.
Is there a way to physically connect the EX2 to my mac computer, and copy quickly the first lot to begin with?
Although I have the EX2 on the net, I am often physically with it too. I’d prefer to backup to it as quickly as possible when I’m with it, then put it online when I travel.

Does that help, makes sense?
Thanks for reading.

Hi Indigo_Sunhouse,

First, you can configure RAID 1 storage on My Cloud EX2 drives to make a second drive as a mirror copy of first.

My Cloud device can be mapped on local network which will allow to copy all the data. And on travel, go to to put all data on My Cloud online.

I really appreciate your help but I would ask that you explain it with the term DRIVE A, please.
So far, I don’t follow beyond making the EX2 RAID 1.

Drive A is a USB drive I use to back up all my work, I connect it to my computer using USB, it has all my work on it…
EX2 is an online drive that I would to be the same as DRIVE A so that when I travel I can access all my work via the internet.

If you’re suggesting I make EX2 a RAID 1 drive then upload 6tb+ of data via mycloud we have nothing more to say! It’s simply not going to happen. It’s too much data.

If you’re suggesting making EX2 a RAID 1 drive, then mapping it to my computer so it has direct access to it, cool, and then how do I sync EX2 RAID 1 with USB DRIVE A? and keep the EX2 sync’d?

Thank you!

Judging by the amount of Noobs like me asking this question, perhaps a re-write of the manual is in order?
Or am I just thick?

I think it is clear the first stab at an answer was not relevant to my question.
Ok, understandable, sometimes it’s hard to be understood (when the OP, me, is expressing some confusion in the first place).

This topic is getting a decent amount of view still. So I guess people are interested.

If anyone reading this can help, or would like me to try again to explain (what I think is a fairly basic request from this noob), let me know.

Thank to all that take the time to read.

Hi Indigo_Sunhouse,

I’m sorry for this delayed response. USB drive A would not be used to sync with My Cloud EX2 over remote network but you can sync your laptop or computer with My Cloud EX2 over remote network which will allow you to sync all important files or data stored in laptop with the My Cloud device. You may refer below provided KBA to configure WD Sync over remote network.

Moreover, you may manually upload data files from the USB Drive A on over remote network to store new files on My Cloud over remote network.

It must be like listening to a brickwall when I ask for support. ie I can’t seem to make myself understood.
This has ALWAYS been an issue with tech. More people in the middle and decent and reading questions, interpreting them correctly, and answering in simple plain english might be the way forward.

I have a new issue namely, Failed to create device user. (400073)

Who nows if these things are worth the brain ache and blood pressure rise??