Nonpaged Pool Errors

We’ve deployed several of these devices out among client sites as repositories for our backup system, Replay.  We’ve been seeing errors on the machines where they drop network connections and freeze.  Sometimes, if I’m lucky, I can RDP into them and reboot the device.  Otherwise it requires forcing the machine off.  The error that is showing up in the event logs is as follows:  The server was unable to allocate from the system nonpaged pool because the pool was empty.  I’ve installed the debugging tools and run poolmon, but none of the tags stand out specifically, other than one pointing to the Intel Storage Driver.  Can anyone possibly help me shed some light on this issue?

Did you install anything “new” on the server?  All the KB’s I see point to server 03.

The only thing we’ve put on there is our remote monitoring agent, which uses an incredibly small memory footprint.  It’s what caught the issue in the first place, as we have an event log filter set up to watch for that error on servers.