Non-Responsive Drive

I just got a 1TB Elite.  Transferred 90GB of music and movies to it.  Next day, I was promted for a firmware and software update.  I did the firmware update as instructed via WD website.  Now my external drive will not respond.  When I plug it into the USB drive, Windows will not recognize or … Windows does recognize, asks to install new hardware, then Windows cannot find software. 

Running VCD, the scan will not find my drive.  5 years with a Seagate drive and no problems.  Upgrade to this “better” drive and POW.  Years on music and movie collections all gone. 

How much does data recovery cost?


I’ve escalated you to our support group for help.

If the firmware update failed for some reason, it is possible to run the firmware update again.  However based upon some of the information you provided, I need some additional information.

What is your OS? (xp, vista, 7? and 32 or 64 bit)

Is it fully updated with ALL the latest updates (except language packs if offered)

In device manager how is the drive listed?