Non-java based WebApp for

Using Java in the browser is a terrible idea from a security and compatiblity perspective. There are a ton of security exploits and java in the browser should just be disabled by default. Also many mobile browsers don’t support it.


Yes, I agree.  I cannot access my files remotely anymore either. There has to be a better solution to this. If I use my work computer, I cannot access my files because they don’t keep Java up to date and I do not have authority to update it there either. All around, there’s got to be a better way!!!

I agree also, regardless of the issues we are experiencing with MC, I have ran into several instances at a customers facility that does not,  nor will not, allow Java on their system. Unfortunately I could NOT access my MC. Even on my own network to get Java to work with wd2go I have to lower the security level.

Hopefully WD can find another solution to this issue.


This java thing is ridiculous, 4 weeks passed since they first reported and WD still did nothing about this issue.

This is unplanned for now.