Non-functioning USB port

I have been very pleased with My Book Live Duo for a few months now, until 4 days ago. My setup is the My Book Live Duo is connected to my Apple Extreme Router, I have a Belkin Hub connected to the My Book Live Duo USB port and a mixture of a WD and Bufalo external hard drives connected to the Hub… This setup streams all my media files wirelessly to a WD TV Live and an Apple TV 2. It was working great, no problems.

4 days ago, the USB port stopped working. The My Book Live is still woring well, streaming media files, but it no longer “see” my external drives. I have tested my drives, they are working. I tested connecting USB drives (thumbdrives and external drives) directly to the USB port. Not working. I connect a USB powered fan, and that works. So, it looks like the port is able to provide power, but data transfer is no longer possible. Tried a reset and it didn’t make an difference.

My questions are; if it’s a software issue, will a firmware re-install help? (I have the latest firmware) Will a firmware install erase my media contents? Has anyone had a problem like this before? I would like to explore solutions, before making a warranty claim.


Best bet is to look in the log files that are generated in the diagnostic report section and see what it says.

Great. Had to log in with a slightly different user name.

Thanks for your advice. Done the diagnostic report. Which log file should I be looking at?

Would a re-install of the firmware help and would that erase my media content? Since I am on the latest firmware, I can only do a manual re-install of the irmware which is not available. Where can I get that?