Non-compliance with USB and HDMI specs? Do you even care?


Can you comment on your non-compliance to the HDMI and USB mechanical specification?

If you can’t get the mechanicals aspects right, how do I know you can get the rest of it right? With all the problems people are listing on the forums, I’d be surprised if you did get them right. I know you sell this product in hopes that it’ll generate more hard drive revenue, but quite frankly, if you can’t get this right, I have no reason to believe you can get a SATA connector right. If you don’t get these things fixed, you’re going to be losing customers left and right. The quality of these devices is unacceptable and there is no reason to believe that you would have different quality and engineering standards for any of your other products.

I for one, after my experience with these devices, will never buy a Western Digital product again unless I see marked improvement in your quality and engineering across your entire business. Right now, the only thing I see is apathy. One would think that you could have gotten your forth WDTV right, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Please tell me I’m wrong and give me a reason to believe you.

I really would like to believe that you do care enough about your products and customers to ‘get it right’ but after screwing over your Gen1 customers by coming out with three other products based on their recommendations and then dropping them from any firmware updates (we have no reason to believe you’ll release firmware for that again) … by taking forever to fix the trivial bugs … for the number of issues listed on the forums, both big issues and small issues … by your lack of presence on your own forum … by your non-compliance to industry standards specifications … lets not forget the WDTV Live update bricking fiasco (as much as I’m sure you’d want to) … and the list goes on and on … we have no reason to believe you even care enough to ‘get it right’.

It’s not just the WDTV. Every Western Digital device I own right now has been RMAd at some point. There really is something wrong with that. Until I have reason to believe things have changed, you can add me to your statistics of lost customers…