Noise After Sleep

Good day!

I got 1TB My Book Elite just a few days ago. Everything seems to be working fine. I decided to position my hard drive horizontally. However, just hours ago, my hard drive suddenly woke up (after a few hours, with some heavy data transferring prior) in a sort of grinding noise which lasted around two seconds. Then I noticed that it was spinning consistently. I accessed the drive and there seemed to be no problem. I could even play videos from it. I did a power down reboot, and after that, the drive was silent again. I tested it by letting it go to sleep again, then waking it up. There was just a soft sound indicating that the drive started spinning again.

Based on what I have read around the net, I hear it might be the actuator hitting the platter for one reason or another. I’m just quite concerned as I’m not sure if it’s a common thing or not. I’ve read that a few strange sounds now and then is normal for an external hard drive. Is this true, and do I need to start worrying about brininging it back to the shop?

Much thanks!

Run a WD diagnostic test just to be sure.

Also run checkdisk from Windows. I have all 3 of my drives laid down. That makes 3 sides open to air and you don’t have to worry because they can’t tip over. Tipping over can damage and or corrupt the drive.