NoCloud - get this fixed!

OK.  So I can stop rebooting my MyCloud unit to see if I can access my data remotely.

My students were very disappointed today and I was very embarrassed.  All 132 of them at the lecture know it was a WD problem - not good publicity!

Let me kindly know, because I have the same problem: no remote connection ; it happened since some days after 1 month working properly; I applied all suggested procedures but no result ; still out of internet connection; it works just under network but not remotely.


Hi there guys, theres a sticky thread at the top of the page, i would suggest typing your comments there but untill WD fix there servers there will be no remote access. heres a link

Mine’s working again Francesco.

Good luck with yours. . . .

My MyCloud is on the road again to.

Quick course is something else and with much glory WD has not covered itself, more than a week is already fierce.
Super, the cloud does so (once) again on the Internet - but the condition we had ever!
Let’s see how long it holds up this time.

I can confirm the problem is solved here for me in Stuttgart, Germany, iOS device, T-Mobile

Which operation did you do to get it working again?  I have updated gthe firmware with the last revision , but no result.

I still have :

Cloud Access
Remote Access–> ON 

Configure »

Connection Status Failed

Cannot establish remote access connection. Make sure you are connected to the Internet.

Internet is operating well on the PC but not with WDmycloud

What do yoy suggest me?



My drive shows the same symptoms, Failed to connect. HOWEVER, I can do everything. lcoally and remoetely from work. I just ignore it as they say if it ain’t broken do not fix it. :smiley_cat:

Now it started to work again : I reinstalled the firmware, rebooted and applied the option “rebuild”.

I hope it will continue.