No Writable WDSmartWare Partition Found

Today I was at work and My Passport stop working it was working when i first turn my computer it was working then it just stop working. Then i went to look for it in my computer an it was gone. so i accessed the WDSmartware software and it said No Writable WDSmartWare Partition Found. So if anyone can help me with this please do.

So i tired hooking it up to another computer and I’m still not getting it be recognized by the computer but my other WD MY book is working fine.

I have the same problem with my my Passport Essential (500GB). Last weekend it was working fine, the next day it is not appear as a drive. I have gone further and checked that it appears in DEVICE MANAGER but does not show up in DISK MANAGEMENT. I have checked this drive with dozen computers only in Windows Vista it appears in disk management but says not readable and shows 2048GB capacity.

I am not worried 'bout the drive anymore, but i’m very much worried for the data i had in this drive. I have been going thru WD support website but it does not show anything that says they can repair it (without the lost of data). I do not want to give it to local repair shop coz it will compromise my warranty. a

Any help?

I too have the same problem. Any solution for retrieving the data back ?