"No Writable WD SmartWare Partition Found"

I hav a 1T My Passport Essential SE.  It has about 850G of pictures on it.  I use it with Abobe Light room and a number of different pcs/laptops.  All the imoprtant Lightroom stuff is on it to allow me to use this drive with LR on all the computors.  They are and XPSP3 LT and a Windows 7 Laptop.  Thr drive does have a password on it.

Starting today…I can access the drive without any issues on the Win7 Ltop but when I try my XPSP# with the sme cables I can unlock the drive but then recieve a message that “No Writable WD SmartWare Partition Found”.  The drive and drive letter shows up in Explorer but I recieve and “Access dineid” message if I try to access it from explorer.  It does not show up in the western digital application.

Any ideas would be appreciated…It is running WD 1.3.016.  I have not upgraded because I have no place to put my 900G of files while I upgrade.

Just am update my Windows7 has WD 1.2.08.  I am able to go to that machine and unlock the drive and access it without any issues. On the XP I get teh I:\ drive is not accessable.  Access Denied message… I wonder if I …Back in a moment!

Solution…Windows 7 ACL… 

The drive was shared on my windows & box and the user Everyone was removed from the access list.  I did not have a user on my XP that had access to the Drive.

Short term resolution was to add my “everyone” user back to have access to the drive…

Ohhhhhh bother… Thanks for listening :slight_smile:

Glad you got it sorted and provide a solution for others who might encounter this. :smiley:

Hello and thank goodness you figured out your solution…yay!  I have my first WD Passport Essential SE and loaded it with pictures off my laptop which has a blue screen of death message on it…then in a hurry to get pictures off my camera, asked my daughter to download onto my WD with her MacBook Pro. How stupid was I ?!! Well, needless to say, now I have not been able to access the pictures on my WD. She was unable to copy pictures to the WD from her Mac (obviously), therefore downloaded to her Mac. Now she says all of her pictures were deleted off her Mac. WD Technical support says I may have corrupted the “partition”  any HELP would be greatly appreciated! Data Recovery places suggested to me are saying it costs like $900 to get pics recovered off the WD - that is OBSURD! I have a 1T WD and only like 75GB on it so far.

Unfortunately, the hard drive is not compatible with Mac and Windows.You may have cause partition corruption to the partition on the hard drive.  Email from WD Tech Support below.

Although we do not have any specific software that we can recommend, many of our customers have had great success with Ontrack’s data recovery software.

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