No Writable WD smartware Partition found

I bought my book essential 2Tb about a year ago from Kabul city - Afghanistan. I copied all my data and worked perfectly and I registered it to WD and used the software for locking. after a few months of using, it became too slow when I use it. after a few days I can not access the drive. when I am entering the password, it is written ( no Writable WD smartware partition found). and also in my WD account is written out of Region I did the following things:

  1. changed the USB cable, the Power Cable

  2. download Smartware from WD site

  3. used another computer for accessing


Is the drive showing under disk management? If it does what is the status of the drive?

Normally unless is a software issue when you get the errors no writable wd partition is that the drive is not being detected by the computer.