No writable wd smartware partition found

Hi ,

Please can any help me to recover my data from WD My passport. I am getting below error. The WD backup tools and utilities tool are failing to recover my data.

“No writable wd smartware partition found”


Can you actually see the writable drive partition(s) under Windows Explorer?

The upper one you ringed in your image is the unlocker partition, which is just a read-only virtual CD partition containing the unlock program for if you have the drive encrypted.

The ones you’ve ringed at the bottom don’t have drive letters assigned to them, so Windows may be having problems accessing them (corrupt partition tables or suchlike).

Also WD Smartware and WD Back-up are different programs, and both are for backing up data to drives (normally Smartware is for networked NAS drives and backup is for USB drives).

Hi DarrenHill,

Thanks for your response.

The drive was encrypted and I don’t see writable drive partition for this .

Do let me know what would be the best to recover my existing data . I think by formatting the whole drive , it should be back to normal but I my data which need to be recovered

You could try using the disk management console in the screenshot to assign a letter to the drive and see if that works.

As it’s encrypted it may or may not work. I’d work on setting general access to it first before thinking about Smartware/Backup or anything like that. It may be that something has become corrupted on it, which may or may not be recoverable (in terms of keeping access to your data rather than just resetting everything).

Also check if the unlocker program can see it to try and decrypt it afterwards.