"No Writable WD SmartWare Partition Found" - ONE More Possible Solution!


hey guys, I was having the same trouble as most of you when I plugged off one of my WD (MyPassport) external HDD abruptly (without the use of the safe removal) and then I plugged-in another one (similar WD one). I remember when I was trying to safely remove my 2nd HDD, it warned me as to some programs on windows were still using it but somehow, the H: drive icon  when clicked showed the files from my 1st HDD.

Anyhow, impatient that I am and stupid enough to be that - I again plugged off my 2nd HDD despite the warning msg mentioned above. Thats when the problem took a wild turn…

“Do not format it until you have tried everything else” ------- obvious thought but some people just do that…

I had tried almost everything mentioned in the topic with the same subject on this website:

. Assigning different drive name to my HDD under disk management within computer management (several times)

. refreshing and rescanning disk under the same disk management

. scan and fix

. disabling my disk drive under dive manager

. restarting the computer

. CHKDSK :H (or X) (or V) /r with cmd

. CHKDSK :H (or X) (or V) /r with cmd  - cmd started with “run as Administrator”  - said, H: drive is invalid or not found

…etc etc

Nothing of the above worked either individually nor did it in any combinations…

Anyways, I got this working after shutting down (NOT restarting) and waiting for more than 30 seconds and then starting it while the HDD was still plugged-in. While it started, it automatically asked for me to check my X: drive … which i had re-assigned to my external HDD … I didn’t do anything - letting it do the scan … and voi-bloddy-la… it showed my disk had data and it did something with it like “inserting information to sector #####” … something like this…

and finally, when the system was up…I could see my drive with all data intact…thank GOD…

P.S: I have created this new topic for the same discussion as I was unable to reply in the other one… thanks guys in the other forums for the knowledge and help you are providing… !!

Glad to here it worked out for you.