"No writable WD SmartWare partition found" after upgrades firmware,SmartWare,.deb

After upgrading my MyBookLive to the very latest firmware, upgrading my SmartWare to the very latest version (1.6.5) and apply the .deb file to enable DLNA (so that I could switch from Twonky to DLNA server), my drive reports the following:

  1. “No writable WD SmartWare partition found”
  2. Temperature unknown
  3. Usage 0%
  4. I can still see and use my files on the S:-drive (the one mapped to my computer for Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, FULLY PATCHED to "March Patch Tuesday level).
  5. Any attempt to click on Settings (to ulimately get to Media) results in a timeout error.

An hour later, after a reboot, things are back to normal.

Is this error caused by some need for the device to rescan and/or rebuild after the software/firmware updates?

If so, please put IN BIG BOLD LETTERS a message similar to “NOTE:After upgrading your device to support DLNA, it will take A VERY LONG TIME to rescan and/or rebuild the database for your device.  In the meantime, your device will report strange error messages such as “NO WRITABLE WD SMARTWARE PARTIION FOUND” when, in fact, your device is just fine”


This partial error is not common and we are glad it’s working now.

Feel free to contact support if you have any other issues.