"No writable WD smartware partition found." after formatting!


I have an External Hard drive My Passport Essential (WD Software) 250GB, I lost the password so I had to format the hard drive. during the earasing I got this message “There has been an error erasing your drive.”, I clicked on the format button several times, but i kept getting the same error. then I pluged out and in the hard drive.

The hard drive is no longer locked, it’s been unlocked but in the Home ribbon of the WD Software it says “No writable WD smartware partition found.”, and the hard drive doesn’t show up in my My Copmuter, the only which shows up is the WD Software CD Drive!

Running Windows 7 Ultimate, 32-Bit.

and latest WD software update

The software that comes on the drive was removed when the drive got erased

Uninstall the software and download the CD Image and Reinstall

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Thank you for the reply.

I uninstalled the software and when I wanted to install it again, I got the same erro. :frowning:

Here’s what I got in the first step of installation :  http://imgur.com/1L5kK&EappG

I had some issues with the formatting as I explained in the first post. I don’t think the formatiing completed! because I had about 190GB files in  my hard and the formatting took less than 1min to give me the error.

So is there any solution ?

Thanks in advance

Well, reformat again and make sure this time it goes trough

Then reinstall the CD image and Smartware

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Could you please tell me how I can format it?

You can right click on the drive and select format

you can go to drive settings on smartware and erase the drive 

or you can go to disk management delete the partition ( right click > delete ) and try this way

Hmmm, well, the drive doesn’t apear on my computer.There’s no earase or format option in the setting of WD software and the drive apears on Disk Managment as a " Not Initialized " / Unknown drive, so I can’t initialized the drive and i can’t make new simple/spanned volumes!

I think my hard drive physically damaged or something!!!


I think so as well

Get DLGand erase the drive if possible

If not then replacing will be the next step