No writable wd partition-After Delete the Partition

Please any one help me. I have delete the partition in order to  create separate partition.  But after i click the drive is not recoginzed by pc.  But  wd smarware cd and application is opening automatically.  But i can not find my external hard disk.   When i click the “set up drive " in wd smartware it is showing " no writable wd partition”.  Please help me,it is urgent.  What should i do to recoginze the hard disk? also how to create separate partition ?

Hi there, Look for the drive Disk Management if you have Windows or Disk Utility if is a Mac, depending on the status there you might need to reformat the drive, Honestly I do not recommend you to create more than one partition since you can just create different folders inside the drive and if you use WD Smartware it creates its own folder where the files are stored.