No Writable SmartWare Partition Found | Pls Need HELP

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I will explain my Problem in following points:-

  • am using "WD My Passport Essential 500 GB " Since SEP-2010.
  • i have password in “VCD”
  • When i entering the password then “MyPassport Hard Drive” Will appear.
  • i used my “WD Passport Essential” in my Laptop at Home & in my PC at Office.
  • Before 2 Days i have connected “WD Passport Essential” in PC at office.
  • i Unlocked, then When i Browsing my files the Device was Hang-up (FREEZE).
  • i removed the USB cable from PC then i connected again.
  • again i Unlocked, the am to able to open "WD My Passport: Drive…
  • Drive is appear in my Computer, But the size is 0 (Zirro).
  • When am trying to open the drive… Error message “No Writable SmartWare Partition Found”

  • Also This message " The Disk in Drive “P” is Not Formated… Do You Want To Format Now ?"

  • i have Very Important DATA saved in " WD Passport Essential " Drive. i don’t want to loss it.
  • i want your Kind Support… How can i solve this Problem Without Losing my DATA ?1
    Pleas Help My
    Thanks & With My Best Regards
    M. H. Kambal

Sounds like a data corruption program, once you unlock the passport you can use a data recovery program like recuva or test disk to scan the passport. Check the links below.

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Do the following thinks:

  1. change the USB cable

  2. test to other computer.

  3. If it has power cable, examine with the same voltage of other Power Cable